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Monte-Carlo Event Generator MonChER

MonChER processes

Processes with leading neutrons production. Single pion exchange: a) with total pi+ p scattering, b) with elastic pi+ p scattering, c) with inclusive pi+ p dijet production. Double pion exchange: d) with total pi+ pi+ scattering, e) with elastic pi+ pi+ scattering, f) with inclusive pi+ pi+ dijet production.

MonChER means Monte-Carlo for Charge Exchange Reactions, i.e. events of the type p + p => n + X and p + p => n + X + n, where p, n are protons and neutrons, X is a hadronic system and + means Large Rapidity Gap (LRG). Addidional processes of rho and a2 exchanges are also taken into account in the generator.

More information can be found on the web-page of the IHEP Diffractive Group


Source files and the card file for MonChER v1.1


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